Smart Kids

About the project

Custom design and Shopify application development

Smart kids supply educational games and resources to the public, and direct to schools in New Zealand, Australia and England. Their website was in need of an overhaul to make it work better on phones and tablets, and improve its search presence.


As the majority of their customers are schools, Smart kids needed to charge on an account basis, rather than taking payment by credit card.


Cyberworkshop developed a custom B2B app for Smart Kids to facilitate this. When a school places an order, the order is routed through the app, bypassing the standard Shopify checkout process. As these orders are created externally via the app they do not incur Shopify transaction fees.

Smart kids now have the best of both worlds. The world’s leading eCommerce platform for retail transactions, paired with a Cyberworkshop B2B app solution for their school customers.

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We employed Cyberworkshop to create three new Shopify sites: and Each site had its own intricacies and complications which Cyberworkshop quickly grasped and found solutions for. When a standard App was not able to do exactly what we needed Cyberworkshop was able to create our own. Throughout the build suggested changes were executed quickly. After the site went live clear directions on how to use the shopify backend were given. I highly recommend CyberWorkshop.

- Smart Kids